The IndieCraftVirtual Game Show displays the games selected for the 2020 IndieCraft in a virtual booth. Please check out the participants in the IndieCraft virtual game show below. You can watch the game videos made by the participants below at the IndieCraftVirtual Game Show.
NTONS Corporation

Combo-action Turn RPG that slashes dice.


Where the pets that have passed away come, Café Heaven. It is a happy place, but what they miss is the owner who loved themselves.


It is a collectible type Quarter View puzzle game that collects and combines unique characters to play various obstacles and multi-dimensional and colorful stages.

Alchemist Games Inc.

Angel Saga is a rogue-lite action game that you slay all the monsters with infinite combinations of skills and magics


Nevaeh is a 2D puzzle flatformer game using light and shadow.

Bad Beans

Domino City is a physics simulation game / domino puzzle game where you can build and tear down a whole city like falling dominoes.

Bearmask Studios

Lo-Fi Room is a relaxing music making experience, build lo-fi beats by finding the hidden instruments in this hidden object and rhythm game, based on online study music channels.

Cassel Games

A fusion of roguelite, tower defense, city-building, and deck-building! We created a new kind of real time strategy game filled with addictive and fast-paced gameplay.

Cindyz Studio

Action Rpg,emphasizes action based on offense and avoidance.

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